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How to buy and sell coins
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Buy and sell old coins, or just see how much your collection is worth

eBay has a large market for hobby-related items such as trading cards. As a seller, you’ll appreciate how much easier to pack and ship they are than larger, more delicate items.

With all the listings, you can quickly determine the value of an item you have based on past sales of similar ones. Sites like eBay have made listing items even easier for trading card sellers. Tap or click here for our report. But coin collectors haven’t had it quite as easy. Until now.

Have some old coins lying around? They may be worth something. Even if you don’t want to sell them, why not find out how much they’re worth? Read on to learn more about a site that helps you identify, buy, sell and estimate the value of your coins.

One-stop shop was founded in 2016 to deliver an easy way to buy and sell coins. Coin prices on the site are generated according to market trends and are regularly updated.

If you’re a buyer and don’t see a coin you are looking for, you can subscribe for an update on when and if it becomes available.

See a coin you may want to buy down the line? Just add it to your wish list. Collectors can track and save coins to their collection, so they always have a resource to turn to and share with others.

Detailed information, including the country of origin, denomination, type of metal, year, weight, diameter, thickness and value, is available on a vast selection of coins. You can type in a search or search by categories such as price, country, year, weight, diameter and more.

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For sellers

A coin grading tutorial page lists the various grades and images for each, from About Good (G-3) to Specimen Proof (SP-70 or PRF-70). This will help you determine the price of your coin.

You can search available listings and price estimates before putting your coin up for sale. You can even see if your coin is on anyone’s wish list or search for it by photo. There’s also a swap option if you’d like to trade with other users on

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Using the site is easy

We did a test run of by clicking Buy and then searching for coins worth up to $1,000 from the U.S. We came across a famous one: the USA Five Cents “Buffalo Nickel” 1913 – 1938.

The value varies wildly, but by selecting the For Sale tab below the coin profile, we sorted the available coins by price and found some for under $10. Of course, the condition is everything.

While some listings link to eBay, others point to the seller, whom you can message directly from the site. If you have a Buffalo Nickel, you can click Want to sell this coin? to get started on the selling process. You’ll need to create an account to buy or sell on the site.

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