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Grocery bill too high? Smart ways to save every time

Rule of thumb: Don’t Google “coupons.” You’ll most likely end up on junk sites trying to get you to click an ad. 

That said, CouponFollow found typical households could save over $300 on things they were already buying at the grocery store using coupons. So, how do you find legit deals?

Pro tip: Download your grocery store’s app for the best possible prices. No one says you have to use your real email address and phone number if you’re not into the data collection. Tap or click here to learn how to create a burner email address.

You can also check out Upside. (They’re a sponsor of my podcast because I think their service rocks). Upside gets you cashback on groceries, gas and more.

While you’re at it …

Compare costs. Maybe you default to one store because it’s right around the corner — when you could pay 15% less driving another few miles. Some stores simply have better deals on certain types of items. 

Pro tip: Flipp compares prices, so you don’t have to. Type in what you’re looking for and your address, city or ZIP code to find sales near you. Love that.

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