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Porch pirates are worst in these states

What is the average value of a stolen package? About $50. Who are the ones doing that stealing? Data shows that 94% of porch pirates are 45 and younger, and 67% are middle class. That’s a little surprising, wouldn’t you say?

Keep reading to learn more about these common thieves and ways to outsmart them.

The dirty details

Research from Forbes shows New Hampshire ranks No. 1 and has the most Google Searches for “stolen package,” plus a high reported larceny rate. Packages are also at risk in Oklahoma, Delaware, Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota and Missouri.

At the very bottom of the list: Florida. Maybe it’s the gators. 

What’s stolen most often? Amazon packages! It makes sense since they ship out so many daily — about 1.6 million. About 52% are Amazon Prime packages. Then comes USPS (43%), UPS (38%), FedEx (25%) and DLH (10%). The rest fall into that murky “Other” category.

How can you stop them?

A doorbell camera goes a long way — both as a deterrent and a way to catch these jerks in the act. The trick is making sure you set yours up just right. Too high and you get just the top of a thief’s head. Too low, and it’s their feet. 

  • The sweet spot to mount a doorbell cam is 48 inches from the ground. That’s four feet, math nerds.

It seems low, I know. But most doorbells, including the super-popular Ring, have a very wide scope. Video doorbells detect motion up to 180 degrees, up and down. 

Motion sensors detect body heat, too. (That’s why your dog might set off the cam.) Mount it any higher, and it might just capture the heat of the sun. You don’t need to be notified that the world spins.

Need a video doorbell? Ring and Blink are solid brands. 

But if you want a total security package, check out our sponsor SimpliSafe.

Its latest innovation is called 24/7 Live Guard Protection. If an intruder breaks in, SimpliSafe monitoring agents can actually see, speak to and deter them through the camera, letting them know they’re being recorded and that police are on their way. It’s a game changer in home security. 

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