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10 best common items to sell on eBay
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The best eBay treasures to sell

A recent analysis of over 17 million sales on eBay uncovered the best-selling items to make extra cash. I bet you have a few of these products stashed in closets — or maybe your parents do.

If you want to make a few bucks, check out the list below and start scavaging.

From jeans to toys

Do you have a pair of Levi’s from the ’80s or ’90s? Vintage denim goes for up to $275 a pair. VHS tapes are making a comeback. Limited editions or rare videos can bring in $250 each.

Antique furniture (particularly mid-century modern pieces) is in high demand — even if slightly damaged. Hey, it’s part of the charm. Your old coins and banknotes could bring you a small fortune. Collectors pay premium prices for rare or discontinued currency.

Never underestimate the appeal of vintage toys. Classic LEGO sets, especially if they’re complete and in good condition, can be worth big money, too.

Check out the average selling prices …

… of common eBay items for sale. Think of how much money you have sitting around your house collecting dust.

  1. U.S. coins — $205.32
  2. Sports fan apparel souvenirs — $59.47
  3. Action figures — $56.92
  4. Pokémon cards — $40.10
  5. Vinyl records — $38.55
  6. Books — $22.05
  7. Collectible card games — $19.20
  8. DVDs and Blu-ray — $16.90
  9. Collectible game cards — $11.87
  10. Comic books and manga and memorabilia — $8.46

Want more money-making opportunities? Check if you have any of these outdated gadgets selling for big money on eBay.

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