Bringing Nature To You!


Can’t make a trip to us? That’s Okay, We can come to you!

Though the forest is a great resource for teaching, we understand it isn’t always easy to bring a group to the Nature Center. Spark curiosity and learn about the diversity of Kentucky by choosing a one hour program at your school, library, community center, etc! Don’t see something you like? You can work with us to create your own program.

Crawly Critters 

Snails, millipedes, beetles, oh my! What do all of these crawly critters have in common? Have you ever wondered the difference between an insect and a bug? Learn the answer to these questions and many more as we explore the complex world of crawly critters and the role they play in our environment. Children will get a chance to meet some critters, and if we can go outside, we will explore different habitats to find our own critters.  Ages 4-10 (LS3.B; LS4.B; LS4.C)

Animals In My Backyard

Get up close and personal with some of our reptile friends, and check out furs and bones of Kentucky wildlife. Through hands-on activities, you will learn the basic needs of animals that live in our neighborhoods, and discover unique adaptations that help them survive. Ages 4-10 (ESS2.E; LS1.A; LS1.B; LS1.D; LS4.D; LS4.C; LS2.C; ESS3.B)

Birds In My Backyard

Sometimes they are hard to see in the trees or among the buildings, but birds are everywhere! You may have spotted one in the tree outside your window, or heard them at night and early in the morning. What birds are in your neighborhood? Let's take a walk around the block and see how many birds we can identify. Learn about the nesting, feeding and communication behaviors of common birds in Kentucky!

Cost is $150/Hour; programs are geared for classroom-sized groups of no more than 30 max.

Travels fees may apply.

To schedule a program call us at (502) 458-1328, or email Olivia Kaiser, Education Programs Manager,