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Meta trains its AI on your public posts

February 6, 2024

Kim and Andrew talk about a photographer's wild rescue from the snow, all thanks to a drone. Plus, a TikTok video about ghost kitchens goes viral, "The Simpsons" predicts the Apple Vision Pro, and 20 tech phrases that have disappeared.

She's a "human cyborg" with 52 implants

February 5, 2024

Anastasia Synn is the world-record holder for tech implants in her body. She can make calls right from her wrist, detect metal objects, and yes, her hands are magnetic. Plus, we talk about Elon Musk's humanoid robot and a Gen Z work debate that's going viral.

Can you tell if it's clickbait?

February 2, 2024

Kim, Andrew, and Allie try guessing what clickbaity articles are about, or not — and yes, you can play this with your friends! We talk about 5 tech headlines that'll get you in the know, and why a professor is calling for more diverse robots. Plus, we'll share our great tips.

The meaning of "i" in iPhone

February 1, 2024

Plus, Drew Barrymore fell for a catfishing scam. Also, an AI-created ad targeting Hamas somehow lands on Hulu — we'll dive into that. Ever wonder what it's like to work for Bill Gates? We've got some insider info. That and much more! 

How a hacker made $2 million

January 31, 2024

Tommy DeVoss has exploited over 10,000 of companies — Yahoo, Uber and even the US government. After facing prison, he's turned his life around.

This state wants to make sexting a felony

January 30, 2024

Plus, Kim discovered her feet pics are for sale online, why car insurance prices are through the roof and how Andrew got scammed by Uber.

This tech CEO plans to de-age himself — and live forever

January 29, 2024

Kim and Andrew chat with Bryan Johnson about his one-of-a-kind anti-aging journey with Project Blueprint. Get this: he's shelling out $2 million a year to turn back the clock. Plus, we've got the scoop on a pastor's bizarre claim of heavenly guidance into a crypto scam. That and much more! 

It's confirmed — your notifications are tracking you

January 26, 2024

Kim, Andrew, and Allie talk all things tech! Today, we're covering a GoFundMe scam, Ring's new policy on police footage requests, the latest in AI cooking tools, plus tips on handling situations when kids stumble upon iffy content online.

Tipping in the U.S. just got worse

January 25, 2024

Kim and Andrew talk about the biggest data breach ever (over 26 billion leaked!), along with a wild tipping story, Google's move to ditch search engine testers, and what your dog loves watching on TV! 

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