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Kim Komando’s best tech gifts of 2023 list

If you’re looking for gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled an exhaustive list of items everyone on your Christmas list will love — from techies to those who love the outdoors and everyone in between.

I started this party earlier with more items to pick from. Tap or click here to check those out. Now, onto the gifts.

For the techies

Step into the 21st century with amazing 3D technology. This high-speed 3D printer with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy.

Give the gift of security with this smart doorknob with a biometric lock. It lets them unlock the door using their fingerprint, the app or an old-school key.

If you know someone who loves the outdoors, give them this DJI Drone that will help them take spectacular aerial footage of their adventures. It’s perfect for beginners and pros.

Help your gift recipient know who’s sneaking around outside their door with this Ring smart peephole cam. It has easy installation and lets them see, hear and speak to visitors from anywhere.

Great sleep is more important than most realize. This sleep mask with built-in headphones is the perfect way to block sunlight and distracting sounds. It’s great for home and while traveling.

Wireless earbuds have become an invaluable tool during workouts. They are great for listening to music or your favorite podcast. Wink-wink, give Kim Komando Today a try — you’ll love it! Apple AirPods are the best option for any iPhone owner.

Speaking of Apple fans. Upgrade their table to an iPad, and they will jump for joy!

I’m sure you have some Android fans on your list, too. Give those kids in your life the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro for a great table experience.

Know someone that you love video chatting with? Give them an Amazon Echo Show 8 to up their Alexa game and make video calls easy as pie. Psst, you should get one for yourself to make things effortless.

Everyone on your list would love this! It’s a docking station and organizer that can hold their phone, keys, watch, sunglasses, AirPods and so much more.

I’ve found the perfect gift for the gearheads in your life. This HD inspection endoscope camera is great for the DIY fix-it person who needs help seeing what’s happening in hard-to-reach, dark places like a car engine.

A great dashcam from Garmin to record while driving and watch a car when you’re away.

Get this sound system for the person who loves to watch shows and movies.

Get them into the streaming age with this great Roku system.

The great outdoors

Not many places in the U.S. are golf-friendly during winter. But that doesn’t have to stop the golfer in your life from preparing for spring! This smart golf swing simulator will have their golf game on point when it’s time to hit the links.

Who doesn’t love bird watching? This very cool smart bird feeder with a camera lets you take bird watching to the next level by incorporating tech.

Do you know someone who wants to be the next basketball superstar? This smart basketball analyzes their shot for things like release time, angle, spin rate and more. It’s a game-changer for someone wanting to be the best baller they can be.

A hat with Bluetooth to listen to music and take and make calls.

Personal care gift ideas

Dental health is something that should be important to everyone. The simplest way to take great care of your teeth is using a great electric toothbrush. I use the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush, an ideal gift for anyone.

This smart shower head for temperature control and better water pressure will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Make hair removal easier for men and women with this Ulike laser hair removal device. They can have smooth skin without leaving home.

Talk about having a spa experience at home! This towel warmer makes having hot towels always within reach a reality. It’s the gift of luxurious comfort.

At-home fun

Liven up any gathering with this wireless Bluetooth karaoke mic. It is so much fun. Everyone would love it as a gift.

Vinyl records are back in a huge way! This vintage portable record player with Bluetooth would be a welcomed addition to anyone’s home.

I didn’t know these existed until recently, and they’re absolutely fantastic! These chilling sticks will keep a bottle of beer cold until the final drop.

Everything else

Everyone wants to get healthier when the holidays are over. This folding treadmill can kickstart anyone’s health journey. It will save space as it’s ultra-slim, too.

Have some pet owners on your list? This Petcube cam will let them watch their furry friends when not at home. Genius!

Here’s a practical gift idea. It’s a jewelry cleaner that actually works and can also be used for eyeglasses. (I have this one!)

Never run out of ice again with this kitchen counter portable ice maker. It makes up to 34 pounds of ice per day. Nice!

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