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5 handy Google apps you should be using on your Android

The best Google apps for Android go beyond the basics. You’re likely already using Google Calendar, Google Maps and your beloved Gmail inbox. We’ve rounded up five Google apps that should also be on your list.

Accessibility? Culture? An app that transforms the real world into one giant, Google-able oyster? Explore the world with your Android device through a few helpful apps.

1. Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a to-do list app that lets you break each big push down into lists. 

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To each list, you can assign tasks relevant to the project. It’s perfect for professionals and freelancers, but it’s also fantastic for busy people who need a place to document all the random stuff they have to do, including errands, housework, things for the kids and more.

One feature Google recently rolled out is the ability to create recurring tasks automatically within the app. It’s great for reminding yourself of your most important daily, weekly, semi-weekly or monthly responsibilities.

To set tasks to repeat from Google Tasks:

  • Open the Google Tasks app.
  • Tap an existing task or create a new task.
  • Tap Add date/time > Repeat.
  • Under “Repeats every,” select dayweekmonth, or year.
  • Under “Ends,” select an option to create a recurring task:
    • With no end date, select Never.
    • With a specific end date, select On, then choose a date.
    • That ends after a certain number of occurrences. Select After, then select a number of occurrences.
  • Tap OK > Done.

You can download the Google Tasks app for Android here.

2. Google Lens

Google Lens is a camera app turbo-charged with several investigative features. You can “Google” any object, sign or label you see in the wild and even instantly translate text into another language.

It’s the perfect app for a day trip or vacation. The zoo, a museum and even your local library become much richer entertainment sources. Tap or click here for a closer look at Google Lens.

This thing can even identify plants. You might discover something new right in your backyard. You can download the app for Android here.

3. Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier allows you to apply custom equalization to audio on your Android. You’ll need headphones to utilize this Google app. Things like noise reduction and boost can help tune any peripherals to your preference.

The app also allows you to adjust each side separately for a custom fit. Every pair of headphones can sound world-class through this excellent feature. The app is available for Android.

To start using Sound Amplifier, download the app and connect your headphones (wired or Bluetooth), then go to Settings > Accessibility > Sound Amplifier.

4. Google Arts & Culture

If you’ve never seen the Louvre in person, good news. You have the chance to enjoy its splendors from the comfort of your home, thanks to the Google Arts & Culture app.

Take a walk through museums and exhibitions globally, or check out a cascade of selections organized by period, style, and even color. You can also use it to identify any painting you see, yielding the artist and year of creation in seconds. Download the app for Android here.

This app is good for more than seeing some of the greatest works of all time up close and personal. You can also use it for other fun activities, such as turning selfies into art reminiscent of the most famous classics.

5. PhotoScan by Google Photos

Finally, one of the best Android apps for photos is the Google Photos PhotoScan app. You can use it to optimize your favorite memories by scanning them in and cleaning them up.

Cropping, red-eye detection, glare control and even perspective correction render the most iconic moments of your life perfectly, preserved digitally forever.

The app lets you organize the entire family album, allowing you to find anything in the collection quickly and conveniently. Get the app for Android here.

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