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If you pay for Netflix, check your account now

Streaming services aren’t cheap, so wouldn’t you want to know if someone is mooching off your account? It’s easier to find and cut them off, thanks to some new Netflix settings. Tap or click here to log out anybody using your profile with one click.

With Netflix prices going up and a new ad-based tier, you may want to look at your account. Are you getting what you pay for? Are you paying for a service you barely use?

Here’s how to check your Netflix account, with instructions on changing or canceling your plan.

What do you get with your subscription?

Netflix has various plans and pricing (the numbers below are what you pay per month). Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Basic with ads: Netflix’s newest tier costs $6.99 and shows ads while you stream. You can watch on one supported device at a time in HD. Some movies and TV shows are unavailable. Apparently, this tier is not supported on all devices. Tap or click here for details.
  • Basic: Step up to the next tier for $9.99 and get access to all content in HD on one device. There are no ads, and you can download content onto one device.
  • Standard: This tier costs $15.49 and lets you watch Netflix on two devices simultaneously in Full HD. You can also download content to two devices at a time.
  • Premium: Netflix’s top-tier plan costs $19.99 and lets you watch on four devices simultaneously in Ultra HD. You can download your favorite shows and movies to four devices simultaneously.

There you have it. Which plan are you on? Are you streaming on multiple devices simultaneously? That’s the most significant difference between the plans, apart from picture quality. Think about which plan serves you best and is worth the money.

Upgrading or downgrading your plan is simple. Here’s how:

  • Sign into your Netflix account at
  • Select Change plan under Plan Details.
  • Choose your desired plan, then select Continue or Update.
  • Select Confirm Change or Confirm.

Changing to a higher-priced plan takes effect immediately. Since Netflix is a prepaid service, your billing date will change based on the remaining balance of your last payment.

Changing to a lower-priced plan takes effect on your next billing date. You can continue using the higher-priced plan’s features until your next billing date.

Canceling Netflix

Perhaps you’re ready to cut ties with the streaming service. We don’t blame you! If you are paying for several services, those bills can add up. It’s best to choose one or two at a time and stick with them. Tap or click here for more money-saving streaming tips.

Here’s how to cancel Netflix:

Cancellation will be effective at the end of your current billing period. If you change your mind within 10 months, your profiles, favorites, viewing preferences and account details will still be saved.

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