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Affordable styluses

Always hitting the wrong button? Control your phone and tablet better with these cheap styluses

We’ve all tapped our phones only to sigh with frustration when the wrong app, letter on the keyboard or setting opens up. Stylus pens aren’t just for tablets. You can use them for better precision on your smartphone, better efficiency with editing apps and more accurate typing. These are our favorites.

Bargains Depot fine tip stylus pen

These inexpensive stylus pens work with iPads, Samsung tablets and smartphones. They’re made of lightweight aluminum to help make them dent-resistant even with heavy use. With four color options available, you can make your stylus match your phone or case color.

You get two stylus pens, 10 additional rubber tips and a pen cap for the top. Use a larger rubber tip in the pen cap area, so you always have the option of two different sizes when needed. Use the cap to easily clip it into your electronics organizer for easy travel.

Stylus pen for touch screens, by LIBERRWAY (10 pack)

Constantly losing your pen? It happens with styluses, too. That’s why LIBERRWAY gives you 10 in a single pack in different colors. These styluses are designed for phone users with big hands and fingers that tap the wrong letters on the on-screen keyboard. Say goodbye to frustration.

Made from aluminum and rubber, you can get these in a 10-pack or increments up to a 40-pack if you’re buying them for the entire family. With an anti-scratch tip and a one-year warranty, they’re the cheapest investment you’ll make for your smartphone. It’s like buying sanity for your mobile devices.

HAIDERPARY high-precision iPad pen

Want more precision than what these rubber tip styluses offer? HAIDERPARY makes this three-pack of stylish stainless steel pens designed for finicky touch screens. You can access the exact content with an ultra-fine precision tip.

This level of precision works exceptionally well if you copy and paste content on a mobile device and if you like more weight to your stylus. These are built to last and include broad compatibility with numerous brands, from Apple to Samsung and more.

We may receive a commission when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

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