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ExpressVPN amps up security with game-changing features

Presented by ExpressVPN

Presented by ExpressVPN

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The VPN game has been seriously upgraded! My sponsor, ExpressVPN, recently rolled out a slew of feature-packed updates. ExpressVPN pushes the envelope to keep your digital life locked down, from ad-blockers to a beefed-up server network.

These tools are available across ExpressVPN’s Windows, iOS and Android apps, Linux and Mac. And get this: All these perks come at no extra charge.

A quick dive into ExpressVPN’s toolkit

  • Ad blocker: Sick of ads cramping your browsing style? Flip on ExpressVPN’s ad-blocker and surf ad-free.
  • Adult site blocker: Parents, this one’s for you. Take charge and filter out content you don’t want the kiddos to stumble upon.
  • Expanded server network: ExpressVPN now serves up IPs from 105 countries — 11 more than before!
  • More devices, one subscription: You can now have up to eight simultaneous connections, up from five. This means more devices under one roof are covered.
  • Auto-update: For the desktop crowd, no more manual updates. The latest security features will come to you.

How to get rolling

To tap into these layers of protection, head to the advanced settings tab.

Auto-update is a lifesaver

ExpressVPN points out that the auto-update feature is especially useful for folks who face internet restrictions and may struggle with manual updates.

So there it is, folks. ExpressVPN is not just raising the bar; it is the bar. Ready to secure your digital footprint like never before? Get on this express train to a safer, more private online world.

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