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Bryan Johnson: 'Don't die'

Tech millionaire trying to live forever spends $2 million

Don’t die. That’s 46-year-old Bryan Johnson’s main goal in life.

Bryan made $400 million when he sold his credit card processing company to eBay. Today, he lives in Los Angeles as a self-proclaimed “rejuvenation athlete” — and spends his time and money trying to turn back the clock.

I had such a great time talking with him. He even shared steps regular folks like us can take to feel better and, hopefully, have longer, healthier lives.

Mission: Youth

Bryan’s mission combines hard science with a unique philosophy. Everything he’s researched points towards a near-future evolutionary breakthrough.

“After 4.5 billion years on this planet, we are now baby steps away from superintelligence. It’s possible that with this super intelligence, we will be able to solve aging.”

Bryan says he built a better algorithm to take care of himself and he’s patient zero for this new leg of human evolution. “I’m going to change the structure of who I am as a human. Instead of my mind deciding to eat whatever it wants when it wants, I’m going to empower my body’s organs to be in charge.” 

Bryan and the Blueprint team found that stem cells are one of the most cutting-edge treatments. In March, he’ll undergo the world’s first total joint rejuvenation procedure through a partnership with a Swedish company. 

“We’re trying to basically say, can we get my joints back to age 18? It’s a pretty ambitious goal, it’s probably not reachable at this point in time, but we’re curious to pose the question, why not?”

A day in the life

Bryan’s daily regimen is what he calls “the most scientifically accurate approach on how to build out longevity and healthspan.” Spoiler alert: It’s intense.

“I do about 100 things in a given day and I try to make them invisible to me. I try to make it just part of my norm.” 

  • Bryan goes to bed at exactly 8:30 p.m. each day. 
  • He wakes up naturally between 4:30 and 4:45 a.m., uses a 10,000-lux lamp to take in some light, and hops on the scale to get his body composition data.
  • He then does nervous system therapy, works out for an hour and eats two pounds of vegetables for breakfast. 
  • Next, it’s time for work before heading to doctor’s appointments and winding down with a nighttime protocol. 

Perhaps one of the most impressive of Bryan’s accomplishments was a recorded eight months of perfect sleep. 

How did he do it? “At the end of the day, you’re ruminating on all the problems you have, all the people you’re mad at, etc. If your head hits the pillow with those thoughts top of mind, you’ll be in a light sleep all night.” 

Although Bryan’s routine seems crazy, there’s good news. “You don’t need to spend $2 million and you don’t need to do my lifestyle.”

Live long and prosper

How can the average Joe or Jane live their longest life? Bryan offers these five Power Laws:

  1. Don’t smoke.
  2. Get six hours of exercise per week. If you can’t do that much, Bryan says even one hour a week is better than zero.
  3. Eat a Mediterranean-style diet. 
  4. Maintain a body mass index (BMI) of between 18.5 and 22.5.
  5. Consume alcohol moderately or abstain from drinking. This means no lemon drop martini for me. I’ll have to really think about that.

Yeah I know, it’s something we’ve all heard before. But Bryan does a lot more than this list above, that’s for sure.

✅Curious to learn more? 

Following Bryan’s steps could get you to a life expectancy of around 92 years! I’ll drink (a mocktail) to that. You know what they say. “Don’t challenge Death to a pillow fight unless you’re prepared for the Reaper cushions.”

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