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gifts for book lovers
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Holiday gift guide [2023] – for book lovers

Shopping for everyone on your list is difficult enough while juggling work and family life. This year, we’ve removed the guesswork for you with our extensive holiday gift guide. Whether it’s a present for your brother, mother, grandpa or that obscure game-loving coworker you got for Secret Santa, there’s something for you on this list.

We’ll focus on the book lovers in your life here. Check out the links at the end of this post for everyone else.

Gifts for book lovers

Clip-on book light for nighttime reading by Energizer

Late-night reading is a nightmare without a proper light. This poseable LED reading light gives you 25 consecutive hours of power for back-to-back late-night reading sessions without recharging. With a precise beam of white light, you can read without eye strain for hours.

Moon cat bookmark set

Losing your place in a book is never fun, but you know what is fun? Cats. Cats are always fun. These bookmarks are slim enough to properly hold your spot in a book but thick enough to make it easy to pry the pages apart when ready to resume.

Library bookshelf mug

Who wouldn’t want to hold an entire library in their hand? Well, it’s not quite the same thing, but this beautiful bookshelf mug makes you feel surrounded by even more books (and it’s microwave/dishwasher safe, so that’s a bonus).

The ultimate book-lover blanket

The only thing a bookworm loves more than books is more books. Now, they can cover themselves in a tapestry of ambiguous book spines and enjoy a wide 60” x 50” span of coverage that’ll keep them cozy during all those late-night reading sessions.

Cushioned neck pillow for extensive reading sessions

Sitting in the same spot for long enough can become a literal pain in the neck. This cushy pillow lets you keep your posture straight and your neck comfortable while you delve into any book for hours. The strings on the front can even secure it in place, so you don’t have to adjust it between those page-turning chapters.

Rechargeable LED neck light for low-light reading

Plenty of low-light situations get in the way of enjoying the newest bestseller. Whether it’s a rainy day while parked in your car or the train you’re on is about to go through a tunnel, you don’t have to put the book down with this over-the-neck LED reading light.

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