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Holiday gift guide [2023] – for the kids on your list

Shopping for everyone on your list is difficult enough while juggling work and family life. This year, we’ve removed the guesswork for you with our extensive holiday gift guide. Whether it’s a present for your brother, mother, grandpa or that obscure game-loving coworker you got for Secret Santa, there’s something for you on this list.

We’ll focus on the children in your life here. Check out the links at the end of this post for everyone else.

Gifts for the kids on your list

TechTools punching bag set for kids

This mini-standing punching bag is probably the most entertaining thing the kid on your list will ever own. It’s so simple, yet they’ll have hours of fun. This is entirely height adjustable and can include a step-on base depending on the child’s age.

Loop Lasso glow-in-the-dark string shooter toy

The Loop Lasso projects black light onto a brightly colored string that shoots through the handle. It creates a wondrous dance of glow-in-the-dark string that seems to walk on air. It’s a fun toy that captures imagination and curiosity (and you may even find yourself testing it out occasionally).

LCD writing tablet for nighttime art

Drawing requires bright light, writing utensils and usually all the space on your kitchen table. Kids can draw under the covers and in the dark without creating a big mess with this LCD drawing tablet. The attached pen powers this doodle board so they’ll never lose it and creates vividly fun, multicolored drawings to encapsulate their attention.

Karaoke machine with phone dock

Kids love to sing, so a karaoke machine is the perfect gift. This one comes with two microphones and a deck to attach your phone, so you can be mindful of what they listen to, all while the multicolor LED speakers create fun light and keep their attention the entire time.

Rotating battle robot with remote control

It’s a new spin on an old classic — battling robots! These come one to a set, so if you have siblings on your list, choose one of the two available colors for each. With 360 degrees of motion, a large shield and a battle arm, this robot spins and fights through the mess of toys to catch their attention.

LED light-up gloves

Lights can be intriguing, especially when multicolored LED colors wave through the dark. These LED gloves are like imagination fuel, giving the kid on your shopping list a license to explore, have fun and light up the dark.

Mini basketball hoop with digital scoreboard

You can’t go wrong with basketball, and this is the next best thing if that little tike on your list doesn’t have access to an indoor court during winter. It’s a large enough board and basket to feel like the real thing, while the digital scoreboard lets them have fun going head-to-head with their friends and stave off boredom.

Gifts nearly every teen will enjoy

Logitech G Cloud handheld portable gaming console

Weekends aren’t for homework — they’re for relaxing after a long week. The teen on your list is always looking for new ways to game with friends, stay connected and have fun that’s available on the go. This handheld from Logitech is precisely what they’re looking for, with a 7″ touchscreen, 1080p resolution and long battery life.

Falark large travel backpack for high school and college

No matter what backpack you have, there’s never enough room. It feels congested and cluttered all the time, which is why this bag is so perfect. It’s a carry-on-sized bag with ample storage space, a USB port for ideal travel, and anti-theft features that are all airline-approved.

3-in-1 iPhone charging station

Apple changed the style of charging cables for its devices this year. But this dock will work no matter which model your gift recipient has. From the iPhone 11 Pro Max and up, this charging station helps keep AirPods, iPhones and Apple Watch charged simultaneously. If the teen on your list is in the Apple ecosystem, this is the 3-in-1 they’ve been waiting for.

Fitbit Sense 2 advanced sleep and fitness smartwatch

Staying on top of health and fitness, especially when you’re a teenager with many commitments and time constraints, can be challenging. Give the gift of health monitoring and show how much you care with the Fitbit Sense 2, with 24/7 heart rate monitoring, GPS and a stress management app built right in.

HP Pavilion student laptop w/ 15.6″ display

Students need a powerful laptop with enough RAM, storage and graphical performance to play games with their friends on weekends to take a load off. This HP Pavilion laptop hits every point that the teen on your list could want, and it’s compact enough while still having a vivid 15.6″ display.

Night light and Bluetooth speaker combo w/ alarm clock

Waking up is difficult, especially when you’re bogged down by school. This alarm clock includes 48 different RGB combinations to customize how the teen on your list wakes up visually and audibly. It’s also a Bluetooth speaker with excellent bass and decent range, so they can wake up to their favorite music.

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