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Having trouble remembering things? These Android reminder apps help

Do you find yourself forgetting things from time to time? We all do. But it’s important to identify when there’s a problem and apply a solution.

If you have a voice assistant, you can ask it to remind you about anything, anytime. For example, you can ask it to remind you to call your mother in the afternoon on her birthday. Wouldn’t that be so nice of you? Tap or click here for seven must-try voice commands to use with Siri and Google Assistant.

Another solution is using a reminder app. These apps help you form better habits and keep track of tasks, appointments and important events.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-keeping app with a ton of capability. Make notes, set a color-coded system and then enable reminders with specific times and dates.

Google Keep also lets you make geo-focused reminders. When you visit the grocery store, it can take your location and associate it with your grocery list. That list reminds you of what you need to pick up while you’re there. You can implement this in many different ways to improve life.

Tap or click here for more in-depth coverage of Google Keep.

BZ Reminder

BZ Reminder simplifies reminders. Select a date from the calendar and you’ll be prompted with a pop-up window. Simply tap the plus icon to add a reminder for that day. Add to the list and select a time, then submit it. It’s a simple, lightweight app that can be upgraded with small widgets to improve functionality.

The best part about BZ Reminder is that it isn’t flashy. The minimalist design is perfect for simplifying the entire process of scheduling and sticking to reminders.


Heynote fits into this list a little loosely. It features live wallpapers and other phone customizations, but it can be used to remind you of upcoming events.

You can write notes on your background/wallpaper, and they’ll stay there. Think of it like a sketch pad with a delete button. You aren’t being bombarded with notifications, but you still have reminders whenever you open your phone.

Life Reminders

The name of this app hits the nail on the head. Life Reminders is all about reminding you to do specific tasks in your life that you’ve been putting off while organizing upcoming events with ease. Add a reminder, attach an image and create a custom feed of reminders.

This app includes language support and many features that don’t require a premium subscription.

Calendar Notify

In the spirit of keeping reminders lightweight and to the point, we have Calendar Notify. It’s a minimalist approach to Google Calendar. It syncs up with everything in your Google Calendar app and offers a home screen widget to quickly add reminders and shorten the process.

There are many ways to customize Calendar Notify to work exactly as you want.

Be more productive, forget less

It’s time to take control of your schedule and stop forgetting important tasks. Give each app a try and choose the one you like best.

Why limit yourself to one? Use two or more of these apps in combination with each other to turn up the dial on your productivity.

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